Social Responsibility

Safety is the etrnal theme of enterprise, safety can ensure production and the production must be safe. This is related to the happiness of employee's family, the survival and development of enterprise and the social image of erterprise.

Kaili company follow the‘safe production, prevention oriented’approach over the years. Safety is always the company's top priority and has achieved good results.

1. The leader must pay more attention to the safe production. First, the safety production is the main topic of every departments meeting. Second, the safety production work education, supervision and implementation are strengthen. Third, the safety accident hidden check is increased. Forth, the employee must be educated by the safety accident.

2. Safety production education.First, strengthen skills training to improtive the quality of safe operation to ensure safe operation. Second, Safety knowledge is special trainned. The company safety professional departments should give report about safety to every department at least 6 times annual, all employees must attend the meeting. Third, the safety skills must be trained, fire drills, limited space operations drills and other special exercises are carried out. A variety of emergency drills are carried out at least 6 times annual and the No. of participants is more than 700.

3. Safety production system. We based on the safety standardization to establish safety production management system, sort out the 3 levels safety production management. The core of the management is the safety supervisor, department leader and class leader. We pay more attention to the safety accident than other indicators of production during assessment process.

4. Safety production focuses on investment. We invest more than 240 thousand yuan to rebuilt safety environment, add fire protection facilities, increase safety warning plate in key position. The safety protection should not be used if it is in wrong conditions, it must be check at any time and ensure the effective.

5. Safety production inspection:two times special inspection is organized monthly to find hidden rectification and correct it.


The enterprise has passed safety standardization review.

The enterprise was awarded‘advanced enterprise of safe production’from Shandong Light Industry Department.

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