In fact,the compete of the enterprise is the compete of talent.

Our company believe “everybody is talent”and do a lot to train everyone to become a talent.We invite 3 to 4 foreign experts to our company every year,Thay can show us the modern paper making technology and management mode.At same time,We select about 10 excellent young people and send them to the college to learn paper making knowledge .The new worker must be trained in the technical school for tow years before they start to work.They can develop fast in the enterprise.Our enterprise look the training as a long-term and continous work.We promote excellent worker to the leader according to their ablity every year.

Through the appointment of professional titles,

We promote excellent people to technician,senior technician,engineer,senior engineer ,issued monthy paste,these appointment of technical personnel accounted for more than 20% of the total number of workers. Employees of enterprises has hope to develop and enterprises has the responsibility to employees.We have made a strong technology,the pursuit of high loyalty and high innovation ability talent team.

Talent team construction is the base of hundreds years of Kaili ,it make us stand the head of specialty paper industry.We will continue to explore the construction of talent team,strengthen personal education,training,use,for the development of enterprise to injet strong impetus.

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