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Shandong Kaili Specialty Paper Co., Ltd is located in Rongcheng city, the most eastern part of Shandong peninsula. With the sea on three sides, Rongcheng coastline has more than 500 kilometers long. As the first accractive city of China, Rongcheng faces Japan and Korea across the sea. Its land area is 1392 kilometers, and it has the population of 663, 800. Rongcheng has convenient traffic with sea, land and air transportation extending in all directions.Relying on two first-class open ports, Longyan port and Shidao port, cargo airlines can reach all over the world. Meanwhile, it needs only 10 minutes, drive from plant area to Weihai Airport, and it will take one hour to Beijing and Korea by air. In addition, Rongcheng station of Qingdao-Rongcheng intercity railway, which is less than 500 meters from plant area, goes straight to Bejing, Shanghai and Jinan. Settled in Rongcheng, nuclear power and wind power ensure the sufficient energy supply. Economic development of Rongcheng is full of vitality.

Kelly has been adhering to the development concept of "Innovation and Fashion Struggle" since its establishment,Make great efforts to build modern international companies,Promote enterprise innovation and sustainable development in an all-round way.Now it has become a modern limited company integrating special paper research and development, base paper production, deep processing and sales,The company has 606 employees,The total assets are 320 million yuan,Leading products cover a quantitative range of 28-280g,Including more than 200 varieties of special anti-counterfeiting paper, high-grade art paper and industrial paper,Enterprises have passed ISO 9001 quality management system certification, ISO 14001 environmental management system certification and FSC international forest system certification, intellectual property management system certification, SA8000 social responsibility management system certification, information security management system certification,Annual production capacity reaches 50,000 tons,Sales revenue is more than 500 million yuan.

Kelly is committed to the innovation and integration of China's invention-the discovery of ancient technology of paper making and the innovation of modern paper making technology,Continuously introducing and training high-end technical personnel,Enhance the R&D capability of enterprises.There are 72 senior technical titles,Intermediate Title 55 people.Based on Shandong Special Anti-counterfeiting Paper Engineering Technology Research and Development Center and Shandong Enterprise Technology Center,Continuous efforts should be made to innovate and develop new products,Constantly build the core technology of independent intellectual property rights,We will vigorously implement quality projects,Annual research expenditure accounts for more than 5% of sales revenue.Adequate R&D funds and strong scientific and technological personnel are guaranteed,The company has entered the benign development track of production generation, reserve generation and R&D generation.There are 25 national patented technologies,It has been awarded by the State Bureau of Technology and Property Rights to superior enterprises of intellectual property rights, star enterprises of patent technology and demonstration enterprises of intellectual property rights in Shandong Province.

The recycled paper is used in the Official Tour Guide Manual of the 2008 Shanghai World Expo, and the information record base paper is used in the stamps and stamp seals of the China Railway EMU. It has been selected by the General Administration of Posts of China,Real estate certificate paper is favored by the Ministry of Natural Resources,Series anti-counterfeiting paper is widely used in food, medicine, wine and other anti-counterfeiting packaging and effective documents anti-counterfeiting.In recent years, Kerry Paper has devoted itself to the R&D and manufacture of packaging paper for brand products,It has provided packaging paper for Dior cosmetics, Camouflage, Jania clothing, GUCCI clothing and other international brand products,meanwhile,Industrial paper such as heat-resistant leather base paper breaks through the monopoly of foreign manufacturers.Products are exported to Bangladesh, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia and more than 10 countries. In China, anti-counterfeiting paper industry is known as the "most brilliant pearl".

The company has successively won the national intellectual property superiority enterprises, patent star enterprises and Shandong intellectual property demonstration enterprises, high-tech enterprises, Shandong integrity enterprises, Shandong patent star enterprises, Shandong staff education advanced enterprises, Shandong energy saving and emission reduction advanced units, Shandong light industry production advanced units, Weihai science and technology independent innovation advanced enterprises. The honorary titles of Weihai City's contract-abiding and trustworthy enterprises and the advanced units of Weihai City in the environmental protection century.In 2018, he was awarded the honorary title of "Science and Technology Innovation Enterprise" by Municipal Committee and Municipal Government.

Che Mingyang, chairman of Kelly Company, and all the staff are willing to work hand in hand with friends at home and abroad to create brilliance.

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