Technological Innovation

The two R﹠D platform Shandong Engineering and Technology Research Ceter of specialty security paper, Shandong Enterprise Technology Center toghter with Shandong Kaili Specialty Paper Co.,Ltd mainly develop the technology, equipment, process and new materials. Now we have formed the entity with scale and industrialization, high level of technology, engineering practice experience and radiating ability. The main reaserch direction is the multiple composite security paper, environmental clean paper, colored fluoresecence watermark security paper, 3D technology, voice(or light) identify the safety line security paper, biometric identify security paper, new industry base paper, specialty art paper etc. We have declared and authorized invention patents 57, listed in 2016 papermaking industry patents comprehensive evaluation of the value of 9th. The high-tech products with independent intellectual property rights and independent brands of Kaili are more than 80% accounted for the proportion of total sales in the past 5 years.

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